I am a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Currently, I am a member of The Portland Darkroom, a member-supported community space for the practice of analog photography whose mission is to keep film photography alive and accessible in Portland.

My tendency is to go through 10-year cycles of hobbies/passions. Earlier in my life, my passion was birding. Then it was trail, ultra, and mountain running. The current cycle is analog still photography. I split time between 35mm and medium format, color and black-and-white, negative and positive film, fresh and expired. I don’t tend to stay with one format or one subject. I enjoy diversity and variety, which I hope is reflected in my photography, and contributes to my inability to assign my work to a specific genre or theme.


  • The Portland Darkroom Exhibit, LightBox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, Oregon, March 9 through April 9, 2019 (juried)
  • The Pacific NorthWest 40, LightBox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, Oregon, April 13 through June 1, 2019 (juried)
  • Skyrunning Series, The Portland Rock Gym, Portland, Oregon, June-July 2019 (non-juried)
  • Radia(l|nt) Symmetry, The Portland Darkroom Community Drawer at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, October 2019 (non-juried)
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